Florenceís story starts back in December 2007 when I first met the absolutely amazing Cocoon at Fosso Corno Kennel in Italy.  Cocoon is everything you could want in a Corso, well balanced, great bone, structure, beautiful head and expression and fantastic temperament, he also had a great hip and elbow score and a really lovely pedigree.  When he came to England in 2008 I jumped at the chance of using him with Lidia and together they produced three amazing little bundles of joy, two boys, Teramo Dei Telesto (Chase) and Avezzano Dei Telesto (Silo) and one girl Atessa Dei Telesto (Florence) who stayed here with us. 


Florence is a wonderful girl, very outgoing, intelligent, fairly head strong but very, very playful and extremely athletic, I am blessed that she is part of my life.  She makes me laugh every day with her quirky little ways and she has one heck of a personality.  She is always the first to raise the alarm bark should she hear or see anything out of the ordinary. 


I would like to thank Sergio of Fosso Corno kennels for allowing me to use his amazing Cocoon with Lidia.


In November 2009 we recieved Flo's hip and elbow scores back from the BVA.  Her elbows were a 0 and her hips were a 14 overall. Flo's brother Silo was scored at the same time, his elbows were also a 0 and his hips were a 10 overall so two sets of fantastic results.














Flo's pedigree: -