Lidia's mother Ginny dei Martinotti was imported from Sandra Schmidt's kennel in Germany pregnant to Youth Champion Orfeo who now resides in Australia. Liddy is a female that we kept back from this litter to help further our breeding programme here in the UK. 

Liddy is a very balanced girl with a lovely nature.  Both hips and elbows were evaluated with the BVA with excellent scores.

In 2008, Liddy was bred to Cocoon from Fosso Corno kennels in Italy and produced 3 lovely puppies, 2 boys and a girl.  We kept the girl (Florence) here with us and the two boys (Silo and Chase) went to live with outstanding familes, Silo local to us and Chase in London.

After her first litter, Liddy was spayed and retired and went to live with my mum and dad where she spends her days snoozing in the sun and walking in the countryside.



Naddy is the daughter of our boy Carlo and Italian import Amelia dei Duani.


Nads is very intelligent, eager to please, extremly loyal and very, very loving. She is also incredibly beautiful and everyone that meets her falls in love. She has accompanied me on many an excursion to the All About Dogs events and is in her element when she can be petted and cuddled by members of the public.


An old girl now at 10, Nads is retired.








Florenceís story starts back in December 2007 when I first met the absolutely amazing Cocoon at Fosso Corno Kennel in Italy. Cocoon was well balanced, great bone, structure, beautiful head and expression and fantastic temperament, he also had a great hip and elbow score and a really lovely pedigree. When he came to England in 2008 I jumped at the chance of using him with Lidia and together they produced three amazing little bundles of joy, two boys, Teramo Dei Telesto (Chase) and Avezzano Dei Telesto (Silo) and one girl Atessa Dei Telesto (Florence) who stayed here with us.


Florence is a wonderful girl, very outgoing, intelligent, fairly head strong but very, very playful and extremely athletic, I am blessed that she is part of my life. She makes me laugh every day with her quirky little ways and she has one heck of a personality. She is always the first to raise the alarm bark should she hear or see anything out of the ordinary. 


After giving us 2 great litters, Flo retired from breeding.







Amber dei Telesto (known as Macy) was a puppy from Carlo and Luna litter. This combination not only gave us beautiful puppies with wonderful temperaments, but also some exceptionally low hip scores.


Macy was one of the largest and most outgoing puppies in the litter, she really was a little tank! At 10 weeks old she went to live with our friend Miguel in the Midlands who had another great Corso, Salem from one of our previous Luna litters.


Macy grew to be a large girl with good bone, great structure, and lovely temperament. She entered the Telesto breeding programme for the first time in 2012 aged 5 years and produced an incredible litter of puppies with Quincy of which we kept 2 lovely girls back.  Macy has since been spayed.






Cloe is from the Dei Duani kennels in Italy and is a daughter of Italian Champion and Champion Reproducer Conan.


She was imported into the UK by a friend and later came to live here at Telesto with us.


Cloe is a large female with huge bone and great structure.  She is very typical of the breed being fairly aloof in charater and an exceptional property guardian, she's generally the first to raise the alarm should she hear anything out of the ordinary then the others follow suite!


Cloe sadly passed away in 2016, she is greatly missed.







We kept Dallas back from our litter with Macy and Quincy.  She was the most outgoing, naughty puppy of the litter and 2.5. years down the line, she hasn't got any better!


Dallas is extremely athletic, clearing 5 bar gates with ease in one big jump.  She loves to run, play and wreste with her canine friends, she really can go all day.


She has a lovely temperament, very friendly with people, playful with other dogs, but equally a brilliant guard dog. 







Vegas is sister to Dallas and the second retained female from our amazing Macy and Quincy litter.  The opposite to Dallas, Vegas was a much quieter puppy, less naughty and very much more chilled out.  As she reaches maturity she is an exceptionally beautiful girl.  Huge for a female but very well proportioned and a lovely character.


Vegas loves nothing more than a good ball game, she loves to fetch and run and is very toy orientated which has made training very easy.






Lucy is a retained female from Florence and Quincy's litter.  A whirlwind as a puppy and no change as she reaches 18 months old!  She lives with two friends of mine who have done a stirling job of raising her so far and have shaped her into an exceptional young Corso.


Like her mum and dad she is extremely agile and fit, always on the go and always wanting to play.  Thanks to Steve and Bobby for taking such good care of her.






We kept Mally back from our Bishop and Flo litter and we are very pleased we did.  She's a beautiful puppy with a lovely nature, and just keeps getting better and better as she grows.


She is a big girl with great bone, very playful  and loving.  Looking forward to watching this little lady grow and develop.






Sansa was a retained female from our 2016 litter between Mally and Sergei.  This was a very special litter for us as it incorporated a number of fantastic dogs that reside or have resided here.


She's a whirlwind of a pup, always on the go, very active, extremely agile and solid both in build and temperament.  Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this lovely girl.