Van was found by members of the public in a disused quarry in North East England and handed into the police who then handed him to the dog warden.  It is believed he was abandoned at the quarry site by his former owners.  He was very thin, had cherry eye in both eyes, and showed obvious signs of being malnourished as he had weak pasterns and splayed feet.  The pictures below donít show just how thin this boy actually was.  Van had also been illegally cropped.  It was by pure chance that I knew the owners of the kennels where the stray dogs are taken as this boy would have had 9 days to be collected by his owners or be destroyed.  We have no idea where Van came from or who bred him.




Van came to us on 3rd March 2007.  He was very quiet the first few days but appreciated the company of our other Corsos and within the week he had settled in and was much happier.  We started off feeding him 4 meals a day of fresh tripe and a good quality complete food.  We felt he previously had very little (if any) exercise as he was uncoordinated and clumsy and had no muscle tone at all.  We took him to the vets on 15th March 2007 and weighed him and were pleased to see that he had gained a stone in weight in just under 2 weeks.  The vet checked him over and apart from being very thin he was generally in good health.  He does have a little malformation around one side of his rib cage which the vet feels is the result of a trauma when he was younger. 


After a week of being with us.




Van at the beach with Liddy




15th April 2007 - Van had his cherry eyes removed on 13th April 07 and was castrated at the same time.  The operation went well and Van was no the worse for wear.  He was weighed at the time and was 49 kilos which was a good increase in weight.  He is much more confident in himself, loves people and other dogs and has a very laid back attitude to life. 





27th May 2007 - Van is doing better than ever and enjoying life to full.  He has put on even more weight and is now a massive 52 kilos and still growing!!!!  He is gaining muscle and his movement has improved so much from when he first came.  His feet are still splayed and probably always will be but his pasturns have now straightened and his back end has thickened up much more which proves all he needed was a good diet.  He is still eating 3 lbs of fresh tripe per day and one of those meals he has with complete mixer.  As well as that he gets spolit with numerous pigs ears, hide chews and raw meaty bones!  He enjoys his daily walks through the woods and just loves playing with my sister's Jack Russell puppy Oscar who keeps him amused for hours!!






June 2007 - We have decided to keep Van here with us at Telesto.  We have grown so found of him and just couldn't bare to part with him, he is very much part of our family.









March 2008 -  Van has been with us for a year now, I can't believe how quickly the time has passed.  He is a huge boy, approx 60 kilos in weight!  He loves his food, affection, playing with the other dogs and going out and about.  Van is a joy to have around and we feel so honoured to own such a fantastic dog.